US History & Government - June 2011

41 President Ronald Reagan used the concept of supply-side economics when he proposed

(1) reducing income taxes to stimulate growth
(2) providing direct payments to people living in poverty
(3) creating government jobs to keep people working
(4) increasing regulations on business to promote competition

42 Which action has come to symbolize the end of the Cold War?

(1) establishing the Peace Corps
(2) achieving a truce in the Korean War
(3) tearing down the Berlin Wall
(4) improving United States relations with China

Base your answer to question 43 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

43 The main idea of this cartoon about the Iraq War is that

(1) the American public should no longer support the president’s goals
(2) President George W. Bush claimed victory too soon
(3) American troops should be coming home soon
(4) creating a democratic government is no longer the goal of the war

44 Which war is most closely associated with the emergence of the United States as a world power?

(1) War of 1812
(2) Mexican War
(3) Civil War
(4) Spanish-American War

45 President Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus and President Franklin D.
Roosevelt’s executive order forcing Japanese Americans into internment camps both
demonstrate that

(1) constitutional rights can be limited during times of war
(2) Congress can pass laws limiting the power of a strong president
(3) immigrants are protected by the same constitutional rights as United States citizens
(4) presidential actions must be submitted to the Supreme Court for approval 

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