US History & Government - June 2011

31 During World War II, the Manhattan Project was the name of the plan to

(1) open a second front in Europe
(2) capture Pacific islands held by the Japanese
(3) develop the atomic bomb
(4) liberate German concentration camps

32 Women played a major role on the domestic front during World War II by

(1) becoming candidates for public office
(2) campaigning for woman’s suffrage
(3) demonstrating against involvement in the war
(4) taking jobs in the defense industry

33 Which statement about the Marshall Plan is most accurate?

(1) It was used to finance rearmament after World War II.
(2) It was denied to all former World War II enemies.
(3) It was used to rebuild European nations after World War II.
(4) It was given to all African and Asian allies during the Cold War.

34 The Hungarian uprising of 1956, the U-2 incident, and the Cuban missile crisis led to

(1) military actions by the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)
(2) increased tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union
(3) international efforts to control communist China
(4) creation of the Warsaw Pact

35 The United States Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953–1969) made several landmark decisions that

(1) drew criticism for supporting States rights
(2) weakened the power of the federal government
(3) strengthened the authority of the police
(4) increased the rights of individuals

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