US History & Government - June 2011

21 The formation of national labor unions in the late 1800s was mainly a response to

(1) passage of federal laws that favored workers
(2) laws restricting immigration and naturalization
(3) poor working conditions and low wages in many industries
(4) economic depressions that had led to high unemployment

22 Many of the business trusts created in the late 1800s were eventually declared illegal primarily because they

(1) eliminated competition by forming monopolies
(2) combined companies that manufactured different products
(3) donated large sums of money to political candidates
(4) allowed children to work under unsafe conditions

23 Literacy tests and grandfather clauses were enacted in the South after the Reconstruction Era primarily to

(1) increase the number of women voters
(2) limit the number of African American voters
(3) guarantee that voters could read and write
(4) ensure that formerly enslaved persons met property requirements

24 Upton Sinclair, Frank Norris, and Ida Tarbell made their greatest contributions to the
Progressive movement by

(1) working to end political corruption in cities
(2) speaking out for the equal rights of Hispanic Americans
(3) supporting legislation to improve tenement housing
(4) publishing books and articles to expose the problems of society

25 Which action was a result of the other three?

(1) Germany’s policy of unrestricted submarine warfare
(2) United States entry into World War I
(3) interception of the Zimmermann Note
(4) United States loans to Allied nations

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