US History & Government - June 2011

11 What was a significant effect of Supreme Court decisions under Chief Justice John Marshall (1801–1835)?

(1) The powers of the federal government were increased.
(2) The extension of slavery was limited.
(3) The president’s use of the veto power was restricted.
(4) The states were given more control over interstate commerce.

12 How did completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 affect United States commerce?

(1) New York City lost business as manufacturing centers grew in the West.
(2) United States exports to European countries declined.
(3) Western farmers gained better access to East Coast markets.
(4) The Midwest became the center of textile production.

13 During the 1830s, the development of a national two-party political system was mainly the result of

(1) conflicts over the use of the Monroe Doctrine
(2) debates over the National Bank and tariffs
(3) disputes over the Oregon boundary
(4) controversy over the Indian Removal Act

Base your answers to questions 14 and 15 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Click here for larger image

14 The map illustrates the impact on the United States of the

(1) Great Compromise        (3) Dred Scott decision
(2) Missouri Compromise     (4) Emancipation Proclamation

15 Information on the map supports the conclusion that congressional leaders in 1820 and 1821 wanted to

(1) maintain an equal number of free and slave states
(2) ban slavery west of the Mississippi River
(3) bring slavery to the Oregon Country
(4) open territories in the North to slavery

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