US History & Government - June 2010

26 In the mid-1920s, the immigration policy of the United States was mainly designed to

(1) deport illegal immigrants
(2) continue the traditional policy of open immigration
(3) establish quotas for immigrants from certain nations
(4) favor immigrants from southern and eastern Europe

27 What was the major problem facing American farmers during the 1920s?

(1) shortage of fertile land
(2) overproduction of crops
(3) low prices of imported farm products
(4) limited labor supply

28 The contributions of Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington illustrate the importance of the Harlem
Renaissance to

(1) economic growth
(2) educational reform
(3) the creative arts
(4) political leadership

29 The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) were both
New Deal programs developed to address the problem of

(1) excessive stock market speculation
(2) high unemployment
(3) increased use of credit
(4) limited income of senior citizens

30 A major reason that President Franklin D.Roosevelt proposed adding Justices to the
Supreme Court in 1937 was to

(1) make the Court processes more democratic
(2) end corruption and favoritism in handling cases
(3) influence Court decisions related to New Deal programs
(4) ensure the appointment of members of minority groups

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