US History & Government - June 2010

16 In the late 1800s, southern state governments used literacy tests, poll taxes, and grandfather
clauses to

(1) ensure that only educated individuals voted
(2) require African Americans to attend school
(3) prevent African Americans from voting
(4) integrate public facilities

17 Which statement best expresses the melting pot theory as it relates to American society?

(1) Only European immigrants will be allowed into the United States.
(2) All immigrant groups will maintain their separate cultures.
(3) Different cultures will blend to form a uniquely American culture.
(4) Immigrant ghettos will develop in urban areas.

18 In passing the Sherman Antitrust Act (1890), Congress intended to

(1) prevent large corporations from eliminating their competition
(2) distinguish good trusts from bad trusts
(3) regulate rates charged by railroads
(4) force large trusts to bargain with labor unions

19 A high protective tariff passed by Congress is intended to affect the United States economy by

(1) promoting free trade
(2) limiting industrial jobs
(3) encouraging American manufacturing
(4) expanding global interdependence

20 Which government action is most closely associated with the efforts of muckrakers?

(1) ratification of the woman’s suffrage amendment
(2) approval of the graduated income tax
(3) creation of the National Forest Service
(4) passage of the Meat Inspection Act

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