US History & Government - June 2010

Which two groups debated the ratification of the new Constitution?

(1) loyalists and revolutionaries
(2) Federalists and Antifederalists
(3) Democratic Party and Whig Party
(4) executive branch and judicial branch

Which heading best completes the partial outline below?

(1) Articles of Confederation
(2) Constitutional Compromises
(3) Jeffersonian Democracy
(4) Unwritten Constitution

8 The amendment process was included in the Constitution to

(1) allow for change over time
(2) expand the powers of the president
(3) increase citizen participation in government
(4) limit the authority of the United States Supreme Court

9 Which situation best illustrates the practice of lobbying?

(1) Congress decides to reduce the number of military bases in California.
(2) The federal government cancels a defense contract with a company in New York State.
(3) A senator from Pennsylvania and a senator from New Jersey agree to support each other’s bill in Congress.
(4) Several environmental groups try to persuade members of Congress to vote for the Clean
Air Act.

10 A major purpose of the president’s cabinet is to

(1) offer advice on important issues
(2) nominate ambassadors
(3) conduct impeachment trials
(4) regulate the amount of money in circulation

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