US History & Government - June 2009

36 In the Truman Doctrine, President Harry Truman pledged to

(1) support Greece in its fight against communist aggression
(2) fight hunger in Africa and Asia
(3) strengthen the United States nuclear arsenal
(4) reject a policy of containment

37 Which factor is most closely associated with McCarthyism?

(1) buildup of Soviet missiles in Cuba
(2) fear of communist influence in the United States
(3) rise of the Communist Party in China
(4) creation of the Warsaw Pact by the Soviet Union

Base your answer to question 38 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

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38 The information on the map supports the conclusion that African American migration between 1940 and 1970 was mainly from the

(1) urban areas to rural areas
(2) south to the north
(3) Mountain states to the West Coast
(4) Sun Belt to the Great Plains

39 Which development led to the other three?

(1) The United States government increased funding for science and math education.
(2) The Soviet Union launched the Sputnik satellite.
(3) A joint Soviet-American space mission was announced.
(4) President John F. Kennedy set the goal of landing a man on the Moon.

40 Which development is most closely associated with the belief in the domino theory?

(1) military involvement in Vietnam
(2) construction of the Berlin Wall
(3) signing of the nuclear test ban treaty
(4) end of the Korean War

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