US History & Government - June 2009

16 In the 1850s, why did many runaway slaves go to Canada?

(1) They feared being drafted into the Northern army.
(2) The Fugitive Slave Act kept them at risk in the United States.
(3) More factory jobs were available in Canada.
(4) Northern abolitionists refused to help fugitive slaves.

17 The Homestead Act, the mass killing of buffalo, and the completion of the transcontinental
railroad are most closely associated with the

(1) rise of organized labor
(2) building of the Erie Canal
(3) northern migration of African Americans
(4) decline of the Plains Indians

18 Many Southern States tried to limit the effects of Radical Reconstruction by

(1) adopting federal laws mandating segregation
(2) enacting Jim Crow laws
(3) abolishing the Southern sharecropping system
(4) securing passage of new amendments to the United States Constitution

19 The mechanization of agriculture in the United States led directly to

(1) an increase in production
(2) less dependence on railroads by farmers
(3) fewer agricultural exports
(4) the decreasing size of the average farm

20 News organizations were engaging in yellow journalism before the Spanish-American War

(1) publishers tried to prevent the war
(2) articles about Cuba were fair and balanced
(3) editors exaggerated events to build support for war
(4) writers ignored the situation in Cuba

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