US History & Government - June 2009

11 An example of the use of the unwritten constitution is the creation of the

(1) presidential veto
(2) United States Navy
(3) federal postal system
(4) president’s cabinet

12 President George Washington pursued a foreign policy of neutrality during his administration
primarily because he believed that

(1) the United States needed time to gain economic and military strength
(2) treaties were prohibited by the Constitution
(3) the United States should not expand by force
(4) alliances should be established with both France and England

13 Many of the decisions made by the Supreme Court while John Marshall was Chief Justice led
directly to

(1) a reduction of federal influence in economic affairs
(2) an increase in the power of the federal government over the states
(3) a greater role for Congress in foreign policy
(4) a limitation on slavery in the states

14 Manifest Destiny was used to justify an American desire to

(1) limit the number of immigrants entering the country
(2) control the area located east of the Appalachian Mountains
(3) expand the United States to the Pacific Ocean
(4) warn European countries against colonizing Latin America

15 In the 1850s, the phrase “Bleeding Kansas” was used to describe clashes between

(1) proslavery and antislavery groups
(2) Spanish landowners and new American settlers
(3) Chinese and Irish railroad workers
(4) Native American Indians and white settlers

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