US History & Government - June 2009

6 One accomplishment of the national government under the Articles of Confederation was the
passage of legislation establishing

(1) a central banking system
(2) a process for admitting new states to the Union
(3) the president’s right to put down rebellions
(4) the ability of Congress to tax the states effectively

7 Disagreement at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 over the Virginia and New Jersey plans
was resolved by a compromise that

(1) guaranteed continuation of the slave trade for at least twenty more years
(2) limited the power of the federal government to wage war
(3) provided for construction of a new national capital in the south
(4) created a Congress made up of a Senate and a House of Representatives

8 “Presidential Candidates Skip Campaigning in Low-Population States”
“Winner Of Popular Vote Loses Election”

These headlines refer to controversial issues most directly related to

(1) judicial review
(2) the electoral college
(3) impeachment
(4) checks and balances

9 “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a republican form of government,
and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the
executive (when the legislature cannot be convened), against domestic violence.”
— United States Constitution, Article IV, Section 4

According to this excerpt, a goal of the framers of the Constitution was to ensure that the United

(1) remained neutral during domestic conflicts involving the states
(2) supported the right of each state to resist presidential decisions
(3) provided for the common defense of every state
(4) approved a bill of rights to protect citizens from government tyranny

10 A major reason the Antifederalists opposed the ratification of the United States Constitution was
because the Constitution

(1) created a national bank
(2) lacked a provision for a federal court system
(3) failed to provide for the direct election of members of the House of Representatives
(4) changed the balance of power between the state and national governments

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