US History & Government - June 2009

Base your answer to question 46 on the table below and on your knowledge of social studies.

46 Information from the table supports the conclusion that the

(1) population of the United States is increasing
(2) center of population is moving eastward
(3) distribution of House seats follows shifts in population
(4) number of senators will soon increase

47 “Eisenhower Sends U.S. Troops to Protect Lebanon”
“Kennedy Places Quarantine on Shipment of Soviet Missiles to Cuba”
“Johnson Increases U.S. Troop Strength in Vietnam by 125,000”

Which statement about the Cold War is illustrated by these headlines?

(1) Rivalries between the superpowers often involved conflicts in other nations.
(2) United States military support was most often deployed in Europe.
(3) Communist forces were frequently victorious in Asia.
(4) Summit talks frequently succeeded in limiting international tensions.

Base your answers to questions 49 and 50 on the graph below and on your knowledge of social studies.

49 Which conclusion about life expectancy at age 65 is most clearly supported by the information in the graph?

(1) Life expectancies for men and women are likely to remain the same.
(2) Life expectancy rates for men show a steady decline since 1980.
(3) By 2040, the life expectancy of men will exceed that of women.
(4) Current life expectancy exceeds age 80 for both men and women.

50 The changes shown between 1940 and 2000 are most likely the result of the

(1) reduction in warfare
(2) improvements in modern medicine
(3) increase in the number of immigrants
(4) decrease in obesity rates

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