US History & Government - Janaury 2011

31 What was a major cause of the Great Depression?

(1) overproduction and underconsumption
(2) a decrease in the supply of consumer goods
(3) an increase in demand for imported products
(4) an increase in the price of wheat on the world market

32 The New Deal changed American political thinking because it was based on the principle that the

(1) economy will fix itself if left alone
(2) federal government should attempt to solve social and economic problems
(3) political parties must work together to deal with national problems
(4) states should take a leadership position in solving social issues

33 During World War II, the need of the United States for more war materials resulted in the

(1) easing of government controls on the economy
(2) use of lengthy strikes by labor unions
(3) rationing of some consumer goods
(4) reduction in profits for defense industries

34 A. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
B. Germany invades Poland.
C. MacArthur dictates a democratic constitution to Japan.
D. Allies invade Europe on D-Day.

Which sequence of these events related to World War II is in the correct chronological

35 The Nuremberg trials held at the conclusion of World War II added to international law by

(1) settling boundary disputes in Europe through arbitration
(2) placing the blame for World War II on many nations
(3) ruling that moral and ethical considerations do not apply in wartime
(4) establishing that high officials and individuals are responsible for their wartime actions

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