US History & Government - Janaury 2011

16 “Uncle Tom’s Cabin Stirs Controversy” “Kansas Rocked by Bloody Conflict”
“John Brown’s Raid Angers South”

Which statement about the United States in the 1850s is best supported by these headlines?

(1) The nation had grown increasingly divided over the future of slavery.
(2) Americans had lost confidence in the plan for Reconstruction.
(3) Northern and Southern voters were united in support of popular sovereignty.
(4) Support for the abolitionist movement decreased during this period.

17 Both the Homestead Act (1862) and the Pacific Railway Act (1862) were efforts by the federal government to

(1) provide land to minority groups
(2) resolve conflicts with Native American Indians
(3) encourage settlement west of the Mississippi River
(4) support settlement of former plantation lands

18 After the Civil War, Southern state legislatures attempted to restrict the rights of formerly enslaved persons by

(1) passing Black Codes
(2) ratifying the 15th amendment
(3) supporting the goals of the Radical Republicans
(4) enacting legislation to strengthen the Freedmen’s Bureau

19 In the late 1800s, which factor directly contributed to the growth of the steel industry?

(1) government regulation of the industry
(2) employee ownership of the industry
(3) new production techniques that increased efficiency
(4) court decisions that allowed collective bargaining

20 Most nativists of the late 1800s would most likely have supported the

(1) creation of settlement houses to aid new immigrants
(2) passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act
(3) continuation of the contract labor system
(4) assimilation of Native American Indians into mainstream culture

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