US History & Government - Janaury 2010

36 President Richard Nixon’s foreign policy of détente was an attempt to

(1) resolve Middle East conflicts
(2) improve relations with the Soviet Union
(3) defend United States interests in Latin America
(4) increase the power of the United Nations Security Council

37 Which action did President Gerald Ford take in an attempt to end the national controversy over
the Watergate affair?

(1) pardoning Richard Nixon
(2) declaring a war on poverty
(3) declining to run for reelection
(4) asking Congress to impeach Richard Nixon

Base your answer to question 38 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Click image to enlarge

38 In the 1970s, many women’s rights advocates reacted to the situation shown in the cartoon by

(1) rejecting the provisions of Title IX
(2) opposing affirmative action programs
(3) demanding the right to vote in all elections
(4) supporting the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution

39 President Jimmy Carter’s decision to pardon Vietnam War draft evaders who had fled to Canada is an example of the president’s role as

(1) chief diplomat      (3) chief executive
(2) head of party      (4) world leader

40 The United States Congress can check the executive branch of government by

(1) appointing ambassadors
(2) overriding vetoes
(3) nominating judges
(4) declaring laws unconstitutional

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