US History & Government - Janaury 2010

21 Which factor is most closely associated with the decision of the United States to declare war on
Spain in 1898?

(1) isolationist policy
(2) labor union pressure
(3) yellow journalism
(4) unrestricted submarine warfare

22 A major purpose of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points (1918) was to

(1) ask Congress to enter World War I
(2) set goals for achieving peace after World War I
(3) provide an aid program for rebuilding war-torn nations
(4) retaliate for the sinking of the Lusitania

23 The “clear and present danger” doctrine established in Schenck v. United States (1919) concerned the issue of

(1) freedom of speech
(2) the right to bear arms
(3) the right to an attorney
(4) separation of church and state

24 Why did many United States farmers fail to benefit from the economic prosperity of the

(1) No technological advances were made in agriculture.
(2) Levels of farm production declined.
(3) Farm exports were heavily taxed.
(4) Agricultural goods were overproduced.

25 The Scopes trial of the 1920s dealt with a conflict between

(1) communism and capitalism
(2) Protestants and Catholics
(3) science and religion
(4) labor and management

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