US History & Government - Janaury 2010

16 During the late 1800s, what was a major effect of industrialization on workers in the United States?

(1) Membership in labor unions declined.
(2) Workers migrated to rural regions.
(3) Most factory jobs became service industry jobs.
(4) Skilled craftsmen were replaced by semiskilled machine operators.

Base your answers to questions 17 and 18 on the speakers’ statements below and on your knowledge of
social studies.

Speaker A: Feeding and clothing the poor is a mistake. Just as nature weeds out unfit members, a capitalist society should be \allowed to do the same.

Speaker B: To provide for the common good and protect the people, the government should pass laws to prevent the sale of alcohol.

Speaker C: To promote economic growth, the government should expand United States markets overseas.

Speaker D: Since transportation is a public necessity, the government should own and operate the railroads in the public interest.

17 Which speaker would most likely support the theory of Social Darwinism?

(1) A      (3) C
(2) B      (4) D

18 Which third party held beliefs most similar to those expressed by Speaker D?

(1) Know-Nothing     (3) Populist
(2) Greenback         (4) Bull Moose

19 During the late 1800s, presidents and governors most often used military force during labormanagement conflicts as a way to

(1) support industrialists and end strikes
(2) make employers sign collective bargaining agreements
(3) protect workers from the private armies of employers
(4) replace striking factory workers with soldiers

20 Between 1880 and 1920, the majority of the “new” immigrants to the United States came

(1) northern and western Europe
(2) southern and eastern Europe
(3) Canada and Latin America
(4) China and Southeast Asia

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