US History & Government - January 2009

31 The Social Security Act (1935) is considered an important program because it

(1) brought about a quick end to the Great Depression
(2) provided employment for those in need of a job
(3) established a progressive income tax
(4) extended support to elderly citizens

32 The policy of Cash and Carry, the Destroyers for Naval Bases Deal, and the Lend-Lease Act were
all designed to

(1) contribute to the success of the Axis powers
(2) relieve unemployment caused by the Great Depression
(3) guarantee a third term to President Franklin D. Roosevelt
(4) aid the Allies without involving the United States in war

33 Rationing was used in the United States during World War II as a way to

(1) ensure adequate supplies of scarce natural resources
(2) increase the number of imports
(3) raise production of consumer goods
(4) provide markets for American-made products

34 The post–World War II trials held by the Allied powers in Nuremberg, Germany, and in Japan set
an international precedent by

(1) placing blame only on civilian leaders
(2) forcing nations to pay for war damages
(3) returning conquered territories to their peoples
(4) holding individuals accountable for their war crimes

35 The development of the Marshall Plan and the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO) were part of President Harry Truman’s effort to

(1) end the Korean War
(2) limit the spread of communism
(3) provide aid to Asian nations
(4) promote an isolationist foreign policy

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