US History & Government - January 2009

Base your answer to question 21 on the song lyrics below and on your knowledge of social studies.

The Uprising of the Twenty Thousands
(Dedicated to the Waistmakers [shirt makers] of 1909)
In the black of the winter of nineteen nine,
When we froze and bled on the picket line,
We showed the world that women could fight
And we rose and won with women’s might.

Hail the waistmakers of nineteen nine,
Making their stand on the picket line,
Breaking the power of those who reign,
Pointing the way, smashing the chain.
And we gave new courage to the men
Who carried on in nineteen ten
And shoulder to shoulder we’ll win through,
Led by the I.L.G.W.U.

— Let’s Sing!, Educational Department, International
Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, New York City

21 Which type of labor-related action is best described in this song?

(1) a strike              (3) a boycott
(2) an open shop     (4) an injunction

22 A major purpose of the Progressive movement (1900–1917) was to

(1) stimulate the economy
(2) support government control of factory production
(3) encourage immigration from southern and eastern Europe
(4) correct the economic and social abuses of industrial society

23 Today, the Federal Reserve System attempts to stabilize the economy of the United States by

(1) requiring federal budgets be prepared and presented to Congress
(2) levying and collecting income taxes
(3) regulating interest rates and the money supply
(4) backing all currency with silver and gold

Base your answer to question 24 on the graph below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Click on image to enlarge

24 The overall trend shown on the graph was primarily the result of

(1) a decline in the economy
(2) the increased use of the assembly line
(3) a shift of the population from urban areas to farms
(4) an increase in the price of automobiles

25 What was a major reason the United States entered World War I (1917)?

(1) The Japanese had occupied Manchuria.
(2) Foreign troops had landed on American soil.
(3) The Austro-Hungarian Empire had invaded Belgium.
(4) Germany had resumed unrestricted submarine warfare.

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