US History & Government - January 2009

11 The Monroe Doctrine (1823) was issued primarily because President James Monroe

(1) wanted to warn European powers against intervention in Latin America
(2) opposed the revolutions taking place in South America
(3) needed to establish a foothold in Panama for a future canal
(4) believed the United States should pursue overseas colonies

Base your answer to question 12 on the map below and on your knowledge of social studies.

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12 Based on the map, which statement is a valid conclusion?

(1) Port cities were not connected to railroads.
(2) Railroads were more expensive to build than canals.
(3) Most canals were abandoned before the Civil War.
(4) Railroads were expanding more quickly in the North than in the South.

13 President Andrew Jackson’s policy toward Native American Indians was created to

(1) encourage Native American Indians to become part of mainstream American society
(2) force Native American Indians to move west of the Mississippi River
(3) improve educational opportunities for Native American Indians
(4) grant citizenship to Native American Indians

14 The publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, contributed to the start
of the Civil War by

(1) exposing the dangers of cotton manufacturing
(2) intensifying Northern dislike of slavery
(3) pressuring the president to support emancipation
(4) convincing Congress to ban the importation of slaves

15 Following Reconstruction, the passage of Jim Crow laws in the South limited the effectiveness of

(1) the 14th and 15th amendments
(2) the Freedmen’s Bureau
(3) Black Codes
(4) tenant farming and sharecropping

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