US History & Government - January 2009

Base your answer to question 46 on the chart below and on your knowledge of social studies.

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46 Which generalization about United States presidential elections is most clearly supported by the data in this chart?

(1) A candidate can win the election without a majority of the popular vote.
(2) Third-party candidates have no effect on presidential elections.
(3) Electoral college votes determine the will of the majority of voters.
(4) Voter participation in national elections is declining.

47 The Department of Homeland Security was created as a direct response to the

(1) Persian Gulf War (1991)
(2) Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
(3) terrorist attacks on September 11 (2001)
(4) flooding of New Orleans (2005)

48 • Establishment of the Peace Corps
• Bay of Pigs invasion
• Cuban missile crisis

These events occurred during the presidency of

(1) John F. Kennedy
(2) Lyndon B. Johnson
(3) Richard Nixon
(4) Jimmy Carter

49 The Anthracite Coal Strike (1902), the Wagner Act (1935), and the founding of the United Farm
Workers (1962) were important steps in

(1) limiting the growth of labor unions
(2) creating greater equality for women
(3) ending discrimination directed at African Americans in the South
(4) promoting fair labor practices and collective bargaining for workers

50 Which book describes how the Dust Bowl of the 1930s affected farmers of the Great Plains?

(1) How the Other Half Lives
(2) The Jungle
(3) The Grapes of Wrath
(4) Silent Spring

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