Living Environment - June 2011

36 When using a compound light microscope, the most common reason for staining a specimen being observed is to

(1) keep the organism from moving around
(2) make the view more colorful
(3) determine the effects of chemicals on the organism
(4) reveal details that are otherwise not easily seen

Base your answers to questions 37 through 39 on the diagram below and on your knowledge of biology.

37 Failure of structure A to function properly would most directly disrupt

(1) autotrophic nutrition
(2) chromosome replication
(3) cellular communication
(4) biological evolution

38 Structure B represents

(1) cells, only
(2) cells and tissues, only
(3) an organ with cells and tissues
(4) a complete system with organs, tissues, and cells

39 Structure C is part of which body system?

(1) digestive         (3) circulatory
(2) reproductive    (4) nervous

40 Thrips are insects that feed on the pollen and flowers of certain plants. The size of a thrip population depends on the number of flowers available. Which graph best represents changes in a population of thrips if winter was longer than usual and the summer was too cool and dry for many flowers to bloom?

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