Living Environment - June 2011

26 If only one type of tree is planted in an abandoned field, the ecosystem will

(1) evolve quickly and become extinct
(2) be unable to reach dynamic equilibrium
(3) contain little genetic variability
(4) be unable to cycle materials

27 Which organisms directly help to reduce overpopulation in a deer herd?

(1) parasites and predators
(2) parasites and scavengers
(3) decomposers and predators
(4) decomposers and consumers

28 In the human body, oxygen is absorbed by the lungs and nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine. In a single-celled organism, this absorption directly involves the

(1) nucleus         (3) cell membrane
(2) chloroplasts   (4) chromosomes

29 An earthworm lives and reproduces in the soil. It aerates the soil and adds organic material to it. The earthworm is a source of food for other organisms. All of these statements together best

(1) a habitat
(2) autotrophic nutrition
(3) an ecological niche
(4) competition

30 Depletion of nonrenewable resources is often a result of

(1) environmental laws
(2) human population growth
(3) reforestation
(4) recycling

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