Living Environment - June 2011

21 The bud shown in the diagram below was produced by asexual reproduction.

Which process is responsible for the formation of the bud?

(1) fertilization         (3) mitosis
(2) recombination    (4) meiosis

22 The temporary storage of energy in ATP molecules is part of which process?

(1) cell division            (3) protein synthesis
(2) cellular respiration  (4) DNA replication

23 A function of white blood cells is to

(1) transport oxygen to body cells
(2) produce hormones that regulate cell communication
(3) carry glucose to body cells
(4) protect the body against pathogens

24 Competition for biotic resources can be illustrated by organisms fighting for a limited amount of

(1) air to breathe     (3) mates for breeding
(2) water to drink    (4) space for nesting

25 Many biological catalysts, hormones, and receptor molecules are similar in that, in order to function properly, they must

(1) interact with each other at a high pH
(2) interact with molecules that can alter their specific bonding patterns
(3) contain amino acid chains that fold into a specific shape
(4) contain identical DNA base sequences

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