Living Environment - June 2011

6 The diagram below represents the banding pattern for human chromosome 11, with some of the bands labeled.

The bands represent

(1) proteins    (3) starches
(2) genes       (4) enzymes

7 A liver cell can make enzymes that a heart cell can not make because liver cells

(1) digest large, complex molecules
(2) contain more DNA than heart cells
(3) use different genes than the heart cells use
(4) remove carbon dioxide from blood

8 As male children get older, some begin to closely resemble their fathers and have no resemblance to their mothers. Which statement
best explains this observation?

(1) Several sperm fertilized the egg, so the fertilized egg contained more genes from their father.
(2) More genes are inherited from the sperm cell of their father than from the egg cell of their mother, so most traits will be like those
of their father.
(3) More genes from their father are expressed in traits that can be seen, and more genes from their mother are expressed in traits that
cannot be seen, such as blood type or enzyme function.
(4) Genes from their father are stronger than genes from their mother, so the genes from their mother are not expressed.

9 Which row in the chart below contains a cell structure paired with its primary function?


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