Living Environment - June 2011

1 Which phrase is an example of autotrophic nutrition?

(1) a cow eating grass in a field
(2) a mushroom digesting a dead log
(3) an apple tree making its own food
(4) a tapeworm feeding in the body of a dog

2 The ability of estrogen to affect certain cells depends directly on

(1) amino acids              (3) gametes
(2) receptor molecules    (4) nerve cells

3 By studying the chemicals in rare plants that grow only in rain forests, scientists hope to discover new life-saving medicines. Chances of finding such new medicines are reduced by

(1) predation by carnivores
(2) homeostasis in organisms
(3) recycling of materials in food webs
(4) loss of species due to human activities

4 When a species includes organisms with a wide variety of traits, it is most likely that this species will have

(1) a high proportion of individuals immune to genetic diseases
(2) a greater chance to survive if environmental conditions suddenly change
(3) less success competing for resources
(4) limitless supplies of important resources, such as food and water

5 Some diseases and their causes are listed below.
A. Flu—influenza virus
B. Lung cancer—smoking
C. Cystic fibrosis—genes
D. Dysentery—parasitic ameba

Which disease would individuals have the greatest difficulty preventing in themselves?

(1) A    (3) C
(2) B    (4) D

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