Living Environment - June 2010


31 A clear plastic ruler is placed across the middle of the field of view of a compound light microscope. A row of cells can be seen under low-power magnification (100).

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32 The graph below represents the populations of two different species in an ecosystem over a period of
several years.

Which statement is a possible explanation for the changes shown?

(1) Species A is better adapted to this environment.
(2) Species A is a predator of species B.
(3) Species B is better adapted to this environment.
(4) Species B is a parasite that has benefited species A.

33 A mineral supplement designed to prevent the flu was given to two groups of people during a scientific study. Dosages of the supplement were measured in milligrams per day, as shown in the table below.

After 10 weeks, neither group reported a case of the flu. Which procedure would have made the outcome of this study more valid?

(1) test only one group with 200 mg of the supplement
(2) test the supplement on both groups for 5 weeks instead of 10 weeks
(3) test a third group that receives 150 mg of the supplement
(4) test a third group that does not receive the supplement

34 The diagram below shows a normal gene sequence and three mutated sequences of a segment of DNA.

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Base your answers to questions 35 and 36 on the energy pyramid below and on your knowledge of biology.

35 Which level includes organisms that receive their energy from level B?

(1) A     (3) C
(2) B     (4) D

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