Living Environment - June 2010

26 Which action will result in the greatest decrease in rain forest stability?

(1) removing one species of plant for medicine
(2) harvesting nuts from some trees
(3) cutting down all the trees for lumber
(4) powering all homes with wind energy

27 One way that humans could have a positive impact on local environments is to

(1) generate waste products as a result of technological advances
(2) use resources that are renewable
(3) increase planting large areas of one crop
(4) increase the use of pesticides

28 Which statement provides evidence that evolution is still occurring at the present time?

(1) The extinction rate of species has decreased in the last 50 years.
(2) Many bird species and some butterfly species make annual migrations.
(3) New varieties of plant species appear more frequently in regions undergoing climatic change.
(4) Through cloning, the genetic makeup of organisms can be predicted.

29 The diagram below represents the various stages of ecological succession in New York State.

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If the ecosystem is not altered, which stage would be the most stable?

(1) grass     (3) pine forest
(2) shrub    (4) hardwood forest

30 Because of an attractive tax rebate, a homeowner decides to replace an oil furnace heating system with expensive solar panels. The trade-offs involved in making this decision include

(1) high cost of solar panels, reduced fuel costs, and lower taxes
(2) low cost of solar panels, increased fuel costs, and higher taxes
(3) increased use of fuel, more stable ecosystems, and less availability of solar radiation
(4) more air pollution, increased use of solar energy, and greater production of oil

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