Living Environment - June 2010

21 Young birds that have been raised in isolation from members of their species build nests characteristic of their species. This suggests that the nest-building behavior is

(1) genetically inherited from parents
(2) learned by watching members of their species
(3) a disadvantage to the survival of the species
(4) a direct result of the type of food the bird eats

22 Some people with spinal cord injuries do not sweat below the area of the injury. Without the
ability to sweat, the human body temperature begins to rise. Which statement would best describe this situation?

(1) Feedback mechanisms regulate blood sugar levels.
(2) Gene mutations are increased.
(3) Energy from ATP is not available.
(4) Dynamic equilibrium is disrupted.

23 Decomposers are necessary in an ecosystem because they

(1) produce food for plants by the process of photosynthesis
(2) provide energy for plants by the process of decay
(3) can rapidly reproduce and evolve
(4) make inorganic materials available to plants

24 A manatee is a water-dwelling herbivore on the list of endangered species. If manatees were to
become extinct, what would be the most likely result in the areas where they had lived?

(1) The biodiversity of these areas would not be affected.
(2) Certain producer organisms would become more abundant in these areas.
(3) Other manatees would move into these areas and restore the population.
(4) Predators in these areas would occupy higher levels on the energy pyramid.

25 A serious threat to biodiversity is

(1) habitat destruction
(2) maintenance of food chains
(3) competition within a species
(4) a stable population size

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