Living Environment - June 2010

11 Agriculturists have developed some varieties of vegetables from common wild mustard plants,
which reproduce sexually. Which statement best explains the development of these different varieties of vegetables?

(1) Different varieties can develop from a single species as a result of the recombination of
genetic information.
(2) Different species can develop from a single species as a result of the effect of similar
environmental conditions.
(3) Mutations will occur in the genes of a species only if the environment changes.
(4) Variations in a species will increase when the rate of mitosis is decreased.

12 The diagram below represents a technique used in some molecular biology laboratories.

This technique is a type of

(1) chromatography
(2) gel electrophoresis
(3) direct harvesting
(4) genetic engineering

13 A species of bird known as Bird of Paradise has been observed in the jungles of New Guinea.
The males shake their bodies and sometimes hang upside down to show off their bright colors
and long feathers to attract females. Females usually mate with the “flashiest” males. These
observations can be used to support the concept that

(1) unusual courtship behaviors lead to extinction
(2) some organisms are better adapted for asexual reproduction
(3) homeostasis in an organism is influenced by physical characteristics
(4) behaviors that lead to reproductive success have evolved

14 Which statement concerning the evolution of species A, B, C, D, and E is supported by the
diagram below?

(1) Species B and C can be found in today’s environments.
(2) Species A and D evolved from E.
(3) Species A and C can still interbreed.
(4) Species A, B, and E all evolved from a common ancestor and all are successful today.

15 The diagram below represents a process that occurs during human reproduction.

The process represented by the arrow will ensure that the

(1) zygote contains a complete set of genetic information
(2) gametes contain a complete set of genetic information
(3) zygote contains half of the genetic information
(4) gametes contain half of the genetic information

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