Living Environment - June 2010

6 What is the main function of a vacuole in a cell?

(1) storage
(2) coordination
(3) synthesis of molecules
(4) release of energy

7 If 15% of a DNA sample is made up of thymine, T,what percentage of the sample is made up of
cytosine, C?

(1) 15%    (3) 70%
(2) 35%    (4) 85%

8 Global warming has been linked to a decrease in the

(1) size of the polar ice caps
(2) temperature of Earth
(3) rate of species extinction
(4) rate of carbon dioxide production

9 Several structures are labeled in the diagram of a puppy shown below.

Every cell in each of these structures contains

(1) equal amounts of ATP
(2) identical genetic information
(3) proteins that are all identical
(4) organelles for the synthesis of glucose

10 A characteristic that an organism exhibits during its lifetime will only affect the evolution of its
species if the characteristic

(1) results from isolation of the organism from the rest of the population
(2) is due to a genetic code that is present in the gametes of the organism
(3) decreases the number of genes in the body cells of the organism
(4) causes a change in the environment surrounding the organism

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