Living Environment - June 2010

1 Why is a mushroom considered a heterotroph?

(1) It manufactures its own food.
(2) It divides by mitosis.
(3) It transforms light energy into chemical energy.
(4) It obtains nutrients from its environment.

2 Three days after an organism eats some meat, many of the organic molecules originally contained in the meat would be found in newly formed molecules of

(1) glucose    (3) starch
(2) protein     (4) oxygen

3 Which body system is correctly paired with its function?

(1) excretory—produces antibodies to fight disease-causing organisms
(2) digestive—produces hormones for storage and insulation
(3) circulatory—transports materials for energy release in body cells
(4) respiratory—collects waste material for digestion

4 Which statement best explains why some cells in the reproductive system only respond to certain

(1) These cells have different DNA than the cells in other body systems.
(2) These cells have specific types of receptors on their membranes.
(3) Reproductive system cells could be harmed if they made contact with hormones from other body systems.
(4) Cells associated with the female reproductive system only respond to the hormone

5 In the cell shown below, which lettered structure is responsible for the excretion of most cellular

(1) A     (3) C
(2) B     (4) D

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