Living Environment - January 2011


41 The diagram below shows various ecological communities that occupied an area over a period of 300 years.

Which statement best describes the diagram?

(1) Community A is the most stable community.
(2) Community B replaced community C after a period of 100 years.
(3) Community C developed into community A after a period of 75 years.
(4) Community D modified the environment, making it more suitable for community E.

Base your answers to questions 42 and 43 on the food web below and on your knowledge of biology.

42 Which organisms are carnivores?

(1) grass and trees                   (3) deer and mountain lion
(2) mouse, rabbit, and cricket     (4) frog, snake, and hawk

43 A decrease in the grass population will most immediately decrease the available energy for the

(1) mouse   (3) snake
(2) hawk      (4) frog

44 The diagram below shows two different kinds of substances, A and B, entering a cell.

ATP is most likely being used for

(1) substance A to enter the cell    (3) both substances to enter the cell
(2) substance B to enter the cell    (4) neither substance to enter the cell

45 A biological process that occurs in plants is represented below.


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