Living Environment - January 2011


36 What is the volume of water represented in the graduated cylinder shown below?

37 A student prepared a test tube containing yeast, glucose, and water. After 24 hours, the test tube was analyzed for the presence of several substances. What substance would the student expect to find if respiration occurred in the test tube?

(1) a hormone    (3) nitrogen
(2) starch         (4) carbon dioxide

38 A student used the low-power objective of a compound light microscope and observed a single-celled organism as shown in the diagram below.

When he switched to high power, the organism was no longer visible. This most likely happened because switching to high power made the

(1) field too bright to see the organism
(2) image too small to be seen
(3) area of the slide being viewed smaller
(4) fine-adjustment knob no longer functional

39 The daphnia shown below has produced three egg cells, eats live single-celled organisms, lives in freshwater, and is caught and eaten by animals known as hydra.

Which terms would most likely be used in a description of this organism?

(1) asexual reproduction, herbivore, prey, aquatic, heterotrophic
(2) sexual reproduction, predator, aquatic, heterotrophic, prey
(3) asexual reproduction, autotrophic, predator, terrestrial, scavenger
(4) sexual reproduction, carnivore, aquatic, autotrophic, prey

40 Changes in a deer population are shown in the graph below.

Which statement best explains section X?

(1) The population has reached the carrying capacity of its environment.
(2) Energy is used for interbreeding between members of different species.
(3) A predator recycles the remains of dead organisms.
(4) Competition does not occur between members of different species in the same habitat.

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