Living Environment - January 2011


26 The swordfish contains a heat generating organ that warms its brain and eyes up to 14C above the surrounding ocean water temperature. Which structures are most likely to be found at relatively high concentrations within the cells of this heat generating organ?

(1) nuclei             (3) chromosomes
(2) chloroplasts     (4) mitochondria

27 Two species of animals with a similar appearance live in the same habitat but do not compete for food. This is because they most likely

(1) reproduce at different times of the year
(2) are the same size
(3) occupy different ecological niches
(4) are active at night

28 During its annual migration, the red knot, a medium-size shorebird, flies the entire length of North and South America. During one critical stop to feed on the eggs of horseshoe crabs, the birds nearly double their body mass. The relationship between the red knot and the horseshoe crab is that of

(1) parasite–host
(2) consumer–producer
(3) scavenger–producer
(4) predator–prey

29 It is recommended that people at risk for serious flu complications be vaccinated so that their bodies will produce

(1) antigens to fight the flu virus
(2) antibodies against the flu virus
(3) toxins to fight the infection caused by the flu virus
(4) antibiotics to reduce symptoms caused by the flu virus

30 The diagram below represents a process that occurs during normal human development.

Which statement is correct regarding the cells and DNA?

(1) All the cells have identical DNA.
(2) The DNA of the fertilized egg differs from the DNA of all the other cells.
(3) The DNA of the fertilized egg differs from some, but not all, of the other cells.
(4) Only the fertilized egg contains DNA.

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