Living Environment - January 2011


21 A pathogen passing from a mother to her fetus could cause

(1) a decrease in the chromosome number of the fetus
(2) an increase in milk production in the mother
(3) gamete production to increase
(4) an infection in the fetus

22 The diagram below represents the human male reproductive system.

Which activity would be prevented by blockages at X and Y?

(1) transport of urine out of the body
(2) passage of testosterone to the female to stimulate egg production
(3) movement of sperm out of the body
(4) movement of testosterone to the testes to stimulate sperm production

23 One environmental problem caused by the use of nuclear power as an energy source is the

(1) destruction of the ozone shield
(2) disposal of wastes
(3) production of acid rain
(4) accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere

24 Which method of protecting members of an endangered species is most ecologically sound?

(1) protecting the habitats where these animals live from human development
(2) capturing these animals and putting them in wildlife parks
(3) feeding and constructing shelters for these organisms
(4) passing laws that encourage hunting of the predators of these species

25 The interaction of which two systems provides the molecules needed for the metabolic activity that takes place at ribosomes?

(1) digestive and circulatory
(2) reproductive and excretory
(3) immune and nervous
(4) respiratory and muscular

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