Living Environment - January 2011


11 Large rebates and low-cost loans have been made available to homeowners to install solar panels to heat their homes. The use of these incentives benefits ecosystems because it

(1) encourages conservation of resources
(2) reduces the need for recycling
(3) promotes the use of nonrenewable resources
(4) discourages the use of alternative energy

12 Which sequence represents the correct order of events for the production of necessary complex molecules after food is taken in by a multicellular animal?

13 The number in each circle below represents the chromosome number of the cell. Which diagram represents the production of offspring by an asexually reproducing organism?

14 The arrows in the diagram below indicate the development of four different varieties of vegetable plants from wild mustard.

Each of these varieties was most likely produced as a result of

(1) asexual reproduction in the wild for many years     (3) competition between plants
(2) changes in light availability             (4) selective breeding over many generations

15 The sorting and recombination of genes during reproduction is important to evolution because these processes

(1) decrease variation and help maintain a stable population
(2) increase variation that enables species to adapt to change
(3) decrease the chances of producing offspring that are adapted to the environment
(4) increase the ability of all the offspring to adapt to the environment

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