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6 The diagram below represents a cross section of a leaf of a green plant, showing an opening (stomate) in the lower surface.

A stomate in the lower surface of the leaf has a function most similar to the function of which cell structure?

(1) cell membrane    (3) ribosome
(2) vacuole             (4) nucleus

7 When S. marcescens, a bacterium, is grown in a refrigerator, it produces red-colored colonies. However, if the bacterium is grown at room temperature, the colonies are white. The best explanation for this situation is that

(1) refrigeration changes the structure of genes
(2) room temperature stimulates the synthesis of a red pigment
(3) temperature has an effect on the expression of genes
(4) only temperature is responsible for the expression of a trait

8 In sexually reproducing organisms, mutations can be inherited if they occur in

(1) the egg, only
(2) the sperm, only
(3) any body cell of either the mother or the father
(4) either the egg or the sperm

9 The diagram below represents a structure found in most cells.

The section labeled A in the diagram is most likely a

(1) protein composed of folded chains of base subunits
(2) biological catalyst
(3) part of a gene for a particular trait
(4) chromosome undergoing a mutation

10 Researchers have reported that the number of different species of fish found in certain areas of the ocean has been greatly reduced over the past 50 years. This situation is an example of

(1) a loss of biodiversity
(2) an increase in ecological succession
(3) a lack of differentiation
(4) an increased carrying capacity

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