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Directions (66–67): Using the information and dichotomous key, complete the table
following the directions below.

66 Use the dichotomous key and fish fin diagram to identify fish A, B, and C and write the
name of each fish in the column labeled “Scientific Name” in the table below. [1]

67 Select two characteristics from the dichotomous key that are useful for determining the identity of fish A, B, and C. Using these characteristics, label the headings for the last two columns in the table and complete the last two columns in the table. [2]

Part D

68 Fill in the missing mRNA bases and the amino acid sequence that corresponds to the
DNA base sequence below. [2]


mRNA _________ _________ _________ _________

Amino acids _________ _________ _________ _________

Base your answers to questions 69 and 70 on the information below and on your knowledge of biology.

An investigation is carried out to determine the effect of exercise on the rate at which a person can squeeze a clothespin.

69 In this investigation, the independent variable is the

(1) control
(2) exercise
(3) rate of squeezing
(4) number of participants

70 Muscle fatigue occurs during this activity when

(1) carbon dioxide is used up in the muscle cells
(2) simple sugar is converted to starch in the muscle cells
(3) proteins accumulate in mitochondria in the muscle cells
(4) certain waste products collect in the muscle cells

71 Part of a laboratory procedure is shown in the diagram below.

This setup would most likely be involved in a procedure to

(1) stain specimens while making a wet mount
(2) test for the presence of glucose using an indicator
(3) separate pigments in a mixture
(4) determine the pH of solutions

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