Living Environment - January 2011


61 State one activity of humans that increases the concentration of this gas. [1]

62 Describe one negative effect of global warming on humans or ecosystems. [1]

63 Explain why switching to more efficient lightbulbs will help reduce the school’s
contribution to global warming. [1]

Base your answers to questions 64 and 65 on the information below and on your knowledge of biology.

There’s No Place Like Home!
Some pets need expensive food, or grow to large sizes, or have nasty, dangerous behavior. Because of this, some people realize that they can no longer care for their pets. A pet twist-neck turtle in a state of near starvation was found by rescuers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The food that this species eats is not commonly found in New York State. In Florida and other warm states, people have released pet snakes such as
pythons and anacondas into local lakes and swamps, where they have become a threat to other animals and even to humans. Those released pets that survive in their new environment can eventually breed and multiply, causing even more problems!
64 Identify one abiotic factor that might affect the survival of a released pet and explain
why that factor would affect survival. [1]

65 State one reason released pets that survive in a new environment may be able to form a large population. [1]

Base your answers to questions 66 and 67 on the information and diagrams below and
on your knowledge of biology.

There are over 40 different species of butterfly fish found in tropical reefs throughout the world. Three different species of butterfly fish are shown below.

The fish fin diagram and dichotomous key shown below can be used to determine the
species of each of these fish.

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