Living Environment - January 2011


1 The greatest number of relationships between the organisms in an ecosystem is best shown in

(1) a food chain
(2) an energy pyramid
(3) a food web
(4) an ecological succession diagram

2 The diagram below shows stages of human reproduction.

The direct result of fertilization is represented at

(1) A      (3) C
(2) B      (4) D

3 Certain organisms are able to store energy from the Sun in energy-rich compounds. Which event best illustrates this activity?

(1) A fox captures and eats a young rabbit.
(2) A caterpillar is eaten by a blackbird.
(3) Lettuce produces organic substances.
(4) Bacteria change organic material into simple nutrients.

4 The diagram below shows how a chemical message produced by one cell is received by
other cells.

If these chemical messages are destroyed, the target cells will

(1) produce their own chemical messages
(2) not respond with appropriate actions
(3) develop different receptors
(4) no longer be produced in the organism

5 Coded instructions that are passed from one generation to the next can be most directly changed by the processes of

(1) passive transport, natural selection, and synthesis
(2) selective breeding, replication, and absorption
(3) recombination, mutation, and genetic engineering
(4) evolution, reproduction, and digestion 

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