Living Environment - January 2010

36 One possible pathway for the evolution of elephants is represented in the diagram below.

Which statement concerning this pattern of evolution is correct?

(1) Evolution always results in favorable traits.
(2) Evolution does not always result in a species that will survive to present time.
(3) Evolution leads to less complex organisms.
(4) Evolution results in the same changes in all species.

Base your answers to questions 37 and 38 on the information below and on your knowledge of biology.

Organisms living in a bog environment must be able to tolerate nitrogen-poor, acidic conditions. Bog plants such as the Venus flytrap and sundew are able to obtain their nitrogen by attracting and consuming insects. These plants produce chemicals that break down the insects into usable compounds.

37 The chemicals present in the plants that break down the insects are most likely
(1) fats              (3) enzymes
(2) hormones     (4) carbohydrates

38 Which compounds present in insects are composed of the amino acids that provide the Venus flytrap and sundew with much of their nitrogen?

(1) proteins     (3) carbohydrates
(2) sugars       (4) fats

39 The amounts of all the organisms present in four different aquariums are shown below. Which aquarium would be the most stable?

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40 The graph below shows changes in the populations of two species that interact only with each other over a period of time.

Which statement best describes these two species?

(1) Species A is a producer and species B is its consumer.
(2) Species A is a host and species B is its parasite.
(3) Species A is a predator and species B is its prey.
(4) Species A is a scavenger and species B is its decomposer.

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