Living Environment - January 2010


31 Conclusions based on an experiment are most likely to be accepted when

(1) they are consistent with experimental data and observations
(2) they are derived from investigations having many experimental variables
(3) scientists agree that only one hypothesis has been tested
(4) hypotheses are based on one experimental design

32 A food web is represented below.

A continuous decrease in the size of the rabbit population would most likely cause a decrease in
which other population?

(1) frog          (3) grass
(2) cricket      (4) mountain lion

33 Maple trees and tulips are classified as autotrophs because they both

(1) produce gametes by the process of mitosis
(2) produce carbon dioxide and water as metabolic wastes
(3) are able to obtain complex organic materials from the environment
(4) are able to synthesize organic molecules from inorganic raw materials

34 The diagram below represents a plant cell.

Which process takes place in structure A?

(1) cellular respiration
(2) heterotrophic nutrition
(3) digestion of fats
(4) protein synthesis

35 The remains of three organisms are shown below.

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A study of these remains would indicate that these organisms have

(1) identical food preferences     (3) structural similarities
(2) identical body sizes              (4) habitat similarities

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