Living Environment - January 2010

26 The diagram below represents a process that occurs in nature.

This diagram can be used to illustrate the

(1) effects of reduced competition between different types of plant life
(2) effect of human intervention on a stable ecosystem
(3) ecological succession from bare rock to stable ecosystem
(4) evolution of mosses to trees over 200 years

27 An energy pyramid is represented below.

The energy for use by organisms in level A originally comes from

(1) producers     (3) level B
(2) the Sun        (4) level D

28 Which human activity would most likely deplete finite resources?

(1) use of natural enemies to eliminate insect pests
(2) development of wildlife refuges
(3) governmental restriction of industrial pollution
(4) uncontrolled population growth

29 The Audubon Society recently released a study that showed that the populations of some bird
species have decreased in number by as much as 50% since 1966. The study eliminated food and
water shortages and natural cycles as causes for the decrease. Which factor might have contributed
to this decline?

(1) overproduction of bird offspring
(2) destruction of natural habitats
(3) fewer predators
(4) an energy-rich diet

30 The increasing demands for fossil fuels has led government and businesses to consider several
possibilities to solve the energy crisis. Which solution will reduce the impact of this crisis on the environment and future generations?

(1) increase the number of drilling sites for crude oil in North America
(2) build more power plants away from population centers
(3) limit the number of people in each vehicle
(4) develop alternative fuel sources that can be produced from renewable resources

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