Living Environment - January 2010

21 Abiotic factors that affect the growth of grass in a lawn include

(1) bacteria and soil
(2) earthworms and nutrients
(3) moisture and minerals
(4) fertilizer and decomposers

22 Which statement best describes the flow of energy and the movement of chemical compounds in an ecosystem?

(1) Energy flows into living organisms and remains there, while chemical compounds are transferred from organism to organism.
(2) Chemical compounds flow in one direction in a food chain and energy is produced.
(3) Energy is transferred from organism to organism in a food chain and chemical compounds
are recycled.
(4) Energy flows out of living organisms and is lost, while chemical compounds remain permanently
inside organisms.

23 The carrying capacity for herbivores in a habitat is most directly affected by the availability of

(1) heat energy released by carnivores
(2) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
(3) photosynthetic organisms
(4) decomposers in the soil

24 One advantage of biodiversity in an ecosystem is that it

(1) guarantees that the largest organisms will dominate the area
(2) ensures a large amount of identical genetic material
(3) develops relationships between organisms that are always positive over long periods of
(4) increases the chance that some organisms will survive a major change in the environment

25 In 1960, an invasive species of fish was introduced into the stable ecosystem of a river. Since
then, the population of a native fish species has declined. This situation is an example of an

(1) ecosystem that has recovered
(2) ecosystem altered through the activities of an organism
(3) environmental impact caused by physical factors
(4) ecological niche without competition

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