Living Environment - January 2010

16 If a chemical that interrupts cell division is added to a culture of human liver tissue, which
process would stop?

(1) meiosis
(2) mitosis
(3) breakdown of glucose
(4) diffusion of nutrients

17 Sexual reproduction involves the processes listed below.

A. Differentiation
B. Fertilization
C. Gamete production
D. Mitosis

Which sequence represents the order in which these processes occur?

18 A dogfish shark contains 24 chromosomes in each of its muscle cells. How many chromosomes
are normally found in each of its gametes?

(1) 6       (3) 24
(2) 12     (4) 48

19 Which structure is correctly paired with its function?

(1) testis — produces nutrients for the offspring
(2) placenta — allows nutrients to diffuse from the mother to the embryo
(3) uterus — produces testosterone used in egg production
(4) ovary — provides a place for the internal development of the embryo

20 The maintenance of homeostasis in the body is most directly related to

(1) cellular communication
(2) cycling of energy
(3) aging of the organism
(4) recombination of chromosomes

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