Living Environment - January 2010

11 Which reproductive pattern would be associated with a species that is most likely to undergo
rapid evolutionary change?

(1) asexual reproduction with a short reproductive cycle
(2) sexual reproduction with a short reproductive cycle
(3) asexual reproduction with a long reproductive cycle
(4) sexual reproduction with a long reproductive cycle

12 If a gene is inserted into the DNA of a bacterial cell, every cell produced by that cell will have

(1) DNA that is different from that of the other cells produced
(2) a 50% chance of having a copy of the inserted gene
(3) a copy of the inserted gene
(4) a new type of DNA base

13 The shape of a protein is most directly determined by the

(1) amount of energy available for synthesis of the protein
(2) kind and sequence of amino acids in the protein
(3) type and number of DNA molecules in a cell
(4) mistakes made when the DNA is copied

14 Researchers have found that formaldehyde and asbestos can alter DNA base sequences. Based
on this research, the use of these chemicals has been greatly reduced because they

(1) may act as fertilizers, increasing the growth of algae in ponds
(2) have been replaced by more toxic compounds
(3) are capable of causing mutations in humans
(4) interfere with the production of antibiotics by white blood cells

15 When the adaptive characteristics of a species are insufficient to allow its survival, that species
is likely to

(1) mate with other species
(2) produce a beneficial mutation
(3) form a fossil
(4) become extinct

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