Living Environment - January 2010

1 Which type of organism can obtain energy directly from any of the other organisms in an

(1) herbivore          (3) producer
(2) decomposer      (4) carnivore

2 Which structures are listed in order from the least complex to the most complex?

(1) plant cell, leaf, chloroplast, rose bush
(2) chloroplast, plant cell, leaf, rose bush
(3) chloroplast, leaf, plant cell, rose bush
(4) rose bush, leaf, plant cell, chloroplast

3 The ameba represented in the diagram below is a single-celled organism.

Which two processes are most closely associated with structure A?

(1) insertion and deletion
(2) nervous regulation and circulation
(3) active transport and diffusion
(4) replication and photosynthesis

4 The virus that causes bird flu can attach to the cells of the lower part of the respiratory system
in humans, but not to the cells of the upper part of the respiratory system. The most likely reason
for this is that these two groups of cells have different

(1) DNA codes in their nuclei
(2) enzymes in their mitochondria
(3) amounts of water in their cytoplasm
(4) receptor molecules on their membranes

5 A piece of refrigerated, cooked meat will remain safe to eat for a longer period of time than a
refrigerated piece of raw meat of similar size. Which statement is a valid inference based on
this information?

(1) Cooking meat kills many bacteria and fungi.
(2) Cool temperatures stimulate the growth of microbes on raw meat.
(3) Raw meat cannot be preserved.
(4) Cooked meat contains antibodies that destroy decomposers.

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