Global History & Geography - June 2011

42 Which heading best completes the partial outline below?

(1) Goals of the Hanseatic League
(2) Reasons for Europeans to Fight the Crusades
(3) Results of the Reconquista
(4) Aims of CharlemagneBase your answer to question

43 on the diagram below and on your knowledge of social studies.

44 The English Bill of Rights and the political philosophy of John Locke both support the idea of a

(1) coalition government
(2) fascist dictatorship
(3) Marxist dictatorship
(4) limited government

45 Which idea is correctly paired with a document that supports it?

(1) colonialism — The Prince
(2) militarism — Sadler Report
(3) capitalism — Wealth of Nations
(4) monotheism — The Communist Manifesto

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