Global History & Geography - June 2011

31 Which pair of countries that gained independence in the 20th century experienced
the migration of millions of people across their shared borders due to religious tensions?

(1) Czech Republic and Slovakia
(2) Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
(3) Egypt and Libya
(4) India and Pakistan

32 A goal of modern-day religious fundamentalism is to

(1) combine the religious teachings of Islam and Christianity
(2) maintain traditional religious values in society
(3) encourage the practice of other religions
(4) adopt secular attitudes instead of religious beliefs

33 What have members of the European Union (EU) and countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) both attempted to do?

(1) reduce regional trade barriers
(2) monopolize iron and steel production
(3) establish collective farms
(4) seize control of the production and distribution of resources

Base your answer to question 34 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

34 What is the main idea of this cartoon?

(1) Petroleum is being overproduced.
(2) The demand for petroleum exceeds production.
(3) Fossil fuels are unevenly distributed.
(4) The demands of global environmental groups have increased.

35 The desire of the Kurds and of the Palestinians for independent states is based on the principle of

(1) free trade      (3) collective security
(2) nationalism    (4) modernization 

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